SmartLift, Electronics for elevators


SmartLift is one of the World leading supplier of electronics for elevators.


We offer pioneering solutions for the production of Software and Components for the elevator business. These solutions make our customers successful.


SmartLift is one of the most innovative and research-intensive companies in the elevator sector.


The leading technology solutions SmartLift provides enable our customers to achieve decisive advantages for elevator users.


SmartLift invests a lot of efforts in R&D department, working today on innovations for tomorrow needs. The secret to our success is to use our technological expertise to develop and improve new applications and access new markets.


The SmartLift Vision, Mission and Values are:


Vision: Tecnological Leader in elevator world.

Mission: Provide technological solutions that contribute value to the client and to the market.

Values: Teamwork, Innovation, integrity and Excellence.


Phone 937451999



LinkSolsonès, 89 - Pol. Ind. Plà de la Bruguera - 08211 . Castellar del Vallès

Tel. +34 937 270 074 .
Solsonès, 87-89 - Pol. Ind. Plà de la Bruguera . 08211 Castellar del Vallès . Barcelona
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