Sistel Group History

S.A. Sistel was founded on 3rd September 1982 by Jordi Batet and Agusti Rios, in 120 m2 premises in Calle Roca in Sabadell. Their activity was to manufacture electronics for the local industry which was complemented by the distribution of electronic drives.


After the first year, they needed to double the size of their premises, and later on, they built a 1600m2 headquarters with greater expansion capabilities.


Economic and organisational expansion commenced and coincided with the retirement of Mr Rios, whose shares in the company were acquired by Magi Foraste and Marta Sancliment. In 1989, they invested in the construction of an electronics production facility in Castellar Del Vallès, to manufacturer our own products as well as for third parties. This company, DigiProces, S.A. had total managerial autonomy and clearly defined objectives. This competitive difference has not changed: organisation, quality and outstanding agility.


Sistel Group - Design and development of industrial electronic devices and systems

At Sistel, after the economic difficulties of 1992, with outstanding capability in electronic design and its own strong but under-used production facilities, new technological products were looked into, within the fields of our corporate knowledge that would give volume and DigiProces purchasing power. Things worked out well, and our logic controllers and our SmartLift brand components were soon recognised and accepted worldwide.

This was the onset of internationalisation and an increase in sales obliged us to think of setting up an independent organisational structure, SmartLift. S.L. Presently, SmartLift operates in five continents.


With the vision of being present in the growing expansion taking place in Asia, in 2007, DigiProces, S.A. entered in partnership to create a new company for electronic production (EMS) in Bangalore (India), with European levels of quality and prepared for local and European contracts, thanks to the level of the staff and the competitive advantage of the country.


With S.A. Sistel's more than 20 years' experience in designing and manufacturing testing systems to control quality, this gave rise to the present consolidation of 6tl engineering, which develops advanced technology and testing software for the most demanding industrial and scientific fields: aeronautics, automotive, electronics, bioengineering and energy.


During its evolution, the group was equipped with a powerful laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility and continual training processes. The English language is used as a common link in international relationships as well as for all the technical documentation produced.

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