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Sistel Group - Design and development of industrial electronic devices and systems

Sistel Group was formed as a result of the search for leadership in specialisation in market segments through corporate and individual experiences. The old adage "everything under the same roof", which we were convinced by, has become outdated because of the growth and the technological complexities of our activities.


Sistel retains its original multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities, which are now shaped into highly specialised business units and are focused on constant innovation. All having co-ordinated objectives, but without the restrictions on freedom, agility and motivation typically found in large companies.


The group's companies are differentiated by their capacity for solving market needs by producing innovative and outstanding products. Our objectives are to achieve functionality through maximum simplicity and reliability. This leads to competitive prices and being more environmentally friendly; by a more rational use of raw-materials.



Sistel Group - Design and development of industrial electronic devices and systems

We have specialised teams who are constantly aware of clients' needs, trained for empathy.
We totally respect our suppliers, with the understanding that they form part of our value chain.

Our production facilities have the latest machinery and processes. Meticulous, comfortable workplaces; a perfect setting for stimulating quality and creativity.


We promote new ideas and creativity and are pleased to see that they come from all levels. This means that each individual gives the best of him/herself and can be proud of belonging to a group dedicated to and advanced in social aspects.


Our contribution to the community ranges from collaborating with sporting bodies as well as environmental awareness, with advanced facilities and offices in the management of reducing energy consumption and waste. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.


We encourage training through courses, not only for our employees, but also our clients. Additionally, in areas of research, where we have received awards in specialised publications.

Tel. +34 937 270 074 . info@sistelgroup.com
Solsonès, 87-89 - Pol. Ind. Plà de la Bruguera . 08211 Castellar del Vallès . Barcelona
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